It takes a two week journey by sea to reach the Foamswept Islands chain from the mainland of the world. The little islands of Maris, Kreet, Firgre, Fairgust, and Leward, as well as countless other smaller nearby islands, are ripe for exploration ! What will you discover there ? Set sail for adventure !

Completed Adventure: Protecting The Island of Kreet (Spring, 2009)

In this first adventure in the Foamswept Isles, a group of heroes helped to repel an invasion of Khartumian forces and prevented a druidic relic from falling into the hands of the Khartumian commander, Dorovar.

Current Adventures (Summer, 2009)

The Leward Expedition (Plays on Thursday Afternoons, 2nd Level Characters)

A deva named Miranda is seeking information about a lost civilization that is rumored to have once existed in the northern wastes of Leward Isle. Are the memories that she is having of the fabled Empire of Cyndicea real ? And, if so, what is her personal connection to that ancient world ? The heroes of this story have been contracted by Miranda to help her find what she claims is “the most precious treasure of all”: knowledge.

Trouble on Maris (Plays on Monday Afternoons, 3rd Level Characters)

Returning to their native island of Maris to report on recent events in neighboring Kreet, the heroes find a new quest: Terrible unnatural creatures have been attacking the elves and eladrin who live near the forest community of Glenharrow. What is the cause of this outbreak of undead monstrosities ? The adventurers must get to the bottom of things …